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Joseph Bettencourt, MD


Dr. Joseph Bettencourt is a Board Certified Family Medicine specialist, trained to care for the entire family. Although his training included Pediatrics and Obstetrics, Dr. Bettencourt has limited his practice to non-obstretrics and patients 6 years and older. Dr. Bettencourt’s practice is ambulatory based and procedurally oriented. His special interests in medicine include skin care (i.e. Dermatology), Adult Preventative Medicine, and the “No-Scalpel Vasectomy” procedure.

Over the last 14-years, Dr. Bettencourt has acquired extensive experience in aesthetic procedures as part of a Medical Spa he co-owned in Paso Robles, California. Many of these services are offered as part of his primary practice on designated days. If you are interested in procedures such as Botox ®, Dysport ® or any of the array of dermal fillers, please call 805-239-9337 for appointment or free consultation.

Born and raised in Paso Robles, California, Dr. Bettencourt obtained his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and a Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC), Keck School of Medicine. He received his postdoctoral training in Family Medicine at Mercy Medical Center, Redding, CA, a U.C. Davis sponsored internship/residency program.  During residency, Dr. Bettencourt received three months of additional training in the “No-Scalpel Vasectomy” procedure through Family Planning, Inc. of Shasta Co. and throughout his career has performed over 1,000 procedures.

Married with 4 extraordinary children, Dr. Bettencourt spends a lot of time outside of medicine with his family, and enjoys most anything outdoors (e.g. golf, hiking, snow skiing, and off road motorcycle riding). Both natives of the area, Dr. Bettencourt and his wife are proud to call Paso Robles, California their home.



Dr. Bettencourt approaches each patient as a unique individual, directing his efforts to meet their specific health care needs in an evidence-based fashion. The goal in his practice is to always do what is in the best interest of the patient, whether that involves him or not.

As a husband, father and physician, he makes every effort to treat each person as if they were part of his immediate family. If someone needs a referral for a “second opinion” or needs an urgent diagnostic test, he makes it a priority to arrange this using resources that he would utilize for his own family.  To that end, he actively works with insurance providers and referral sources who share these same values.

In contrast to the “old days,” he practices medicine with the least amount of paternalism as possible.  He prides himself on being “down to earth” and communicating in a simple yet informative manner.   Patients are presented with treatment options, advise and recommendations relating to their health care which invites their input– there is a conscious effort made to always involve patients in their own  healthcare delivery.  Dr. Bettencourt believes that approaching patient care with this perspective makes for the most rewarding patient-physician relationship.


Adapted AAFP Definitions


Family Practice

Family Practice is the medical specialty which provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family practice encompasses care of all ages (i.e. newborns to elderly), both sexes, and virtually all disease entities.


Family Physician

The family physician is a doctor who is educated and trained in family practice—a broadly encompassing medical specialty. Family physicians possess unique attitudes, skills, and knowledge which qualify them to provide continuing and comprehensive medical care, health maintenance and preventative services to each member of the family regardless of sex, age or type of problem, be it biological, behavioral, or social. These specialists, because of their background and interactions with the entire family, are best qualified to serve as each patient’s advocate in all health-related matters, including the appropriate use of consultants, health services, and community resources.


Family Practice: Content and Responsibility For

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) maintains responsibility for determining the philosophy, content and scope of family practice, and for establishing the definition of “family practice” and “family physician.”  It is recognized that accreditation of family practice residency programs is the responsibility of the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).  Both accreditation of training and certification of individuals should be based on the philosophy, content and scope of family practice as defined by the AAFP.  In the United States,  the American Board of Family Physicians (ABFP) requires family physicians to complete three years of an ACGME accredited residency training program, before they are eligible to sit for the board certification examination, where it is determined whether or not a “board eligible” family physician becomes a “board certified” family physician.

Adapted from the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Congress of Delegates, October 1993, and amended by the 1997 and 1999 Congress of Delegates

Jill Machado, MSN, FNP-C


RN: Oregon Health Sciences University, 1997
MSN: Gonzaga University, 2004
Board Certified: American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 2004

Jill is a Family Nurse Practitioner, board-certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, and licensed by the State of California to provide health care to patients of all ages. Her focus over the last 12 years has been providing care to Obstetrical and Gynecological patients. Her scope of practice encompass health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and management of common and complex healthcare problems within the women’s health arena.

Jill joined Dr. Bettencourt’s practice in July 2016 where she provides both primary care and women’s health services. Both providers share the philosophy of giving professional, compassionate, accessible and timely care that is based upon the best available medical evidence.”

Originally raised in  Southern Oregon, Jill has lived on the Central Coast since 2009, practicing medicine in both San Luis Obispo and Templeton. Jill, her husband Rick, and their son Jack, reside in Shandon, California.